Assurance reviewing internal control systems and business processes

The management of a business is obliged to install a system of internal audits to monitor the achievement of the business objectives as well as to secure the business assets. Stock corporations additionally have to implement a so-called risk management system and let it undergo routine checkups. Due to several spectacular corporate collapses in the United States ( e.g. Enron, Worldcom) the so-called Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX 404) introduced the requirement to have the accountingrelated internal control system audited by a CPA.

The installation of an appropriate and effective internal audit system is far more significant than ever before. Both globally operating businesses with highly complex structures and processes but also small and medium-sized businesses with considerably more straightforward structures are rely upon an effective internal audit system.

We do voluntary checks of your system as well as examinations for US-American purposes. We would also enjoy to advise you on the implementation and structure of an effective reporting based audit system, especially for US-American SOX-standards. At client’s option our activity amounts to comprehensive consultancy, analyses of business processes or the implementation of mock examinations.