Process Assurance

Our services include:

  • Business Planning, Controlling & Reporting
  • Data Assurance
  • Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Controls
  • IT Governance & IT Security
  • IT Systems Assurance
  • Third Party Assurance

Transaction Services

Our services include:

  • Deal due diligence:
    Analysing and reviewing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing a company or division within a merger or acquisitions framework
  • Post deal services:
    Utilizing the merger’s potential and reducing risk
  • Market/commercial due diligence:
    Information about the industry, the competitive environment and the target company’s strategy
  • Technical, operational and IT due diligence:
    Analysing existing IT systems and evaluating internal company processes in terms of deal relevant issues
  • Vendor services:
    Providing assistance to vendors, vendor due diligence and consultation on carve-outs during company or divisional buy-outs
  • Financial due diligence:
    Revealing target company’s financial potential and risks e.g. by analysing budgetary accounting with regard to sustainable EBITDA or Cash Flow